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Around 60% of Americans have dental anxiety, and up to 10% have outright dental phobia. If you feel anxious, scared, or even terrified when you think about dental care, intravenous (IV) sedation may be the ideal solution for you. At Emergency Dentist NYC, in Union Square in Manhattan, New York City, the dedicated dental experts offer IV sedation to deliver relaxed and stress-free experiences. To get the pain-free care you need, call the office or use online booking anytime.

IV Sedation Q & A

What is IV sedation?

IV sedation is anti-anxiety medication delivered intravenously during a dental procedure. This type of sedation may be ideal for men and women who feel anxious, nervous, or fearful about dental procedures. With IV sedation, you can get the treatment you need, without the stress that’s been holding you back.

How does IV sedation work?

At Emergency Dentist NYC, an IV-certified dentist administers your sedation by making a small prick in your hand or arm. The needle connects to a tube that delivers your sedative at a steady rate measured just for you. 

Your Emergency Dentist NYC provider continually monitors your oxygen level and pulse during the procedure to make sure you’re stable. After the procedure, your provider removes the IV and you’re ready to go home.

Will I be awake during IV sedation?

You’re awake during IV sedation, but you should feel extremely relaxed and peaceful during the procedure. It’s sometimes called twilight sedation because IV sedation brings on a drowsy state in which you won’t focus on the procedure at all. 

During IV sedation, you won’t be aware of the sensations, smells, or sounds connected to the procedure. You’re still able to communicate with your Emergency Dentist NYC care provider while under IV sedation.

IV sedation often has an amnesiac effect, so after your procedure you’re unlikely to remember anything that happened. Most patients feel as if they went to sleep and then woke up with their dental work all done. 

How do I get ready for IV sedation?

The Emergency Dentist NYC team gives you a list of preparation guidelines before your procedure. It’s important to have an empty stomach for any IV sedation procedure, which typically means fasting for eight hours before your procedure. 

Also, you must arrange a driver to take you home after your appointment. Although you’re awake, you’ll likely be groggy after the procedure, so it’s not safe to drive yourself. 

Learn how easy it can be to get the dental care you need, even when you’re scared, with help from IV sedation. Call Emergency Dentist NYC today, or use online scheduling to set up your appointment anytime.