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Cleanings and checkups go hand-in-hand because they’re two of the most essential aspects of oral health. At Emergency Dentist NYC in Manhattan, you can get a checkup and cleaning in one appointment, making it easy and convenient for your busy schedule. To book your cleaning and checkup, reach out to the Union Square office in New York City by phone or through online scheduling today.

Cleanings & Check-Ups Q & A

How often do I need cleanings and checkups?

Emergency Dentist NYC recommends you get a cleaning and checkup every six months in most cases. If you have a history of tooth decay, periodontal disease, oral cancer, or other serious oral health problems, you might need cleanings and checkups more often to stay healthy.

Why are cleanings and checkups so important?

Through regular cleanings and checkups, you can prevent problems like tooth decay from growing worse, or you can treat them immediately with simple, minimally invasive treatments like fillings. If you combine good oral care habits at home with regular cleanings and checkups, you've got a good chance of avoiding unnecessary tooth extractions, root canals, and tooth restorations. 

What happens during my checkup?

Your exam is the first part of your appointment because your dentist needs to make a diagnosis before any cleaning can happen. The checkup focuses on your overall oral health and wellness. During your comprehensive dental checkup, you can typically expect:

  • Medical history review
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Digital X-rays
  • Full teeth exam
  • Full soft tissue exam, including gums

If you have any dental work, like crowns, bridges, or dental implants, your Emergency Dentist NYC provider evaluates the stability of these restorations as part of your checkup. If you wear any removable dental devices, such as Invisalign® teeth aligners or Snap-On Smile® veneers, bring them to your checkup so your dentist can evaluate how they fit and if they’re still doing the job.

Should your Emergency Dentist NYC provider discover any problems or potential issues during your exam, they discuss them with you and then recommend treatment options. 

What happens during my cleaning?

Your Emergency Dentist NYC provider first makes sure you're comfortable. You simply lie back while they use specialized dental tools to gently remove sticky tooth film (plaque) and hard deposits (tartar) from your teeth. 

Your provider cleans each tooth, in between the teeth, and around the gumline. Finally, your provider flosses between your teeth and polishes them. After a professional cleaning, your teeth may feel unusually smooth and a little slippery. This is a good indicator of how much plaque and tartar you just got rid of.

For convenient dental cleanings and checkups, call Emergency Dentist NYC or use the online booking tool anytime.